Their are two types of business

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Their are two types of business

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Can Web Designers Prevent Your Competitors From Stealing Your Customers Right From Under Your Nose? Business Articles | June 17 Cheap Jerseys From China , 2008
These days heavy competition can mean that if your business doesn't have a website, you haven't truly got a business!A bold statement? Well maybe, but it's becoming increasingly the case that whatever...

These days heavy competition can mean that if your business doesn't have a website, you haven't truly got a business!

A bold statement? Well maybe, but it's becoming increasingly the case that whatever business you happen to be in Cheap Jerseys China , you really do need a website in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors (or at least to compete on a level footing with them).

There are large and small business owners alike who still suffer from what I call 'Dark Age Thinking' whenever the subject of having a website to promote their business is mentioned. "Why do I need a website?" they say, innocently.

Well, a better question might be, "What if I don't have a website for my business?" Well, here's why your competitors who DO own a website will be stealing your business right from under your nose!

Potential customers are searching for local products and services online.

That may be a butcher Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , a hairdressing salon, a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub, a DIY store Cheap Jerseys , a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, someone to look after their swimming pool, a shoe shop Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , a jewellers, a dress shop, an accountant, a furniture store etc. I could go on, and if you haven't got a website for your business and your competitors have Wholesale Jerseys From China , then i'll let you guess who is going to grab that money?

When you own a website, your business is never closed!

Whilst your actual business hours may only be 9-5 or whatever, your website goes on working for you 24 hours a day. It's just like having your own salesman working 24 hours a day for you!

Don't forget that just because your business premises are closed that doesn't mean that people aren't going on to the internet and searching to find a business or service just like yours. They can often be searching after they have finished work themselves, or late at night or on a weekend. They are deciding who to shop with, whose service to use. And they are deciding to buy by going to your competitors website Wholesale Jerseys China , because you don't have one! Every business has to promote themselves with advertising. Right or wrong?

Their are two types of business, those that invest in advertising to promote their business and those that lose potential business hand over fist!

Well, I can tell you, your competitors who have got a website for their business are getting at least twice the benefit from every single penny that they spend on advertising. Why? Because every time they place an advertisement in a local newspaper, or magazine or yellow pages etc they can mention their website right there in every ad they place!

This means that readers can read the advert and then go and visit your competitors website and get all the extra information they need. So your competitors get two shots at the same target audience Wholesale Jerseys , once from the newspaper or . Cheap Nike Shoes China Cheap Jordan 1 Cheap Nike Running Shoes Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Cheap Air Max 90 Infrared Cheap Air Max Hot Punch Air Jordan 11 For Sale Air Max 1 Clearance Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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