your mess by making use of Velcro tape

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your mess by making use of Velcro tape

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Benefits Of Using Qlaira Contraceptive Pill Health Articles | September 21 , 2012
Oral contraceptive pills have proven to be an effective method of preventing women from getting pregnant. Read below to learn more about Qlaira, a combined contraceptive pill.

A child is a matter of pride and a boon for women, something that comes naturally on being a mother. However, the feelings may not be the same if you have not planned on becoming pregnant. Unplanned pregnancy Cheap Jordan 6 , at times may ruin your plans and dreams that you have been seeing for your life. This is where contraception comes in, which helps you prevent pregnancy. Until recently, condoms were the sole form of contraception used by couples across the globe. However, condoms are not quite a reliable source of contraception Cheap Jordan 1 , as contraceptive accidents such as condom slip or tear only increase the risk of you becoming pregnant.

When this form of contraception failed, several new contraceptive methods such as hormonal contraceptives were introduced. The hormonal contraceptives are composed of synthetic versions of naturally existing female hormones ? oestrogen and progestogen. There are three hormonal contraceptives ? contraceptive pill, contraceptive ring and contraceptive patches. All three methods work by imitating your natural womb environment so as to prevent you from being pregnant. The pills are also popularised as birth control pills, and are broadly classified into combined pills and mini-pills. Of the three hormonal contraceptive methods Cheap Jordan 3 , the contraceptive pills have been the most popular of them.

A birth control pill

Contraceptive pills, as discussed earlier, consist of synthetic versions of naturally existing female hormones. The broad classification of these pills is carried out on the basis of hormones present in them. A combined pill consists of synthetic versions of both the hormones as their chief components. A mini-pill, on the other hand Cheap Jordan 5 , consists of a single synthetic hormone, progestogen, as its chief component. As a combined pill consists of two synthetic hormones, it is able to work in three different ways to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. A mini-pill Cheap Jordan 11 , consisting of a single hormone, works in two ways to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

Qlaira ? a multiphasic combined pill

A combined contraceptive pill is further classified into a monophasic, biphasic, triphasic and multiphasic pill. This classification is carried out on the basis of dosage that you are required to take during the three weeks that you are required to take the pill. Qlaira pill is a monophasic combined pill Cheap Jordan Retro , which probably is more effective in comparison to other pills. This is because it helps imitate the natural environment better, with the various dosages of hormones being taken by you throughout the 28 days of your menstrual cycle. Qlaira pill is currently the only combined pill that is taken for all 28 days of the menstrual cycle.

This pill consists of estradiol, a synthetic oestrogen, and dienogest Cheap Air Jordan , a synthetic progestogen as its chief ingredients. Qlaira?pills are supposed to be taken in the right order: two dark yellow pills followed by five light red pills, 17 light yellow pills and two dark red pills. The pack ends with two inactive pills, which indicates that you are to take the packs back to back. The pill provides effective protection against pregnancy during these two days if the pills are taken as prescribed and instructed for the previous 26 days. You can buy Qlaira online through a licensed pharmacy after an online consultation with a licensed doctor.

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